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Sedation Dentistry

What is Dental Sedation?

Feeling comfortable at the dentist is important! How you feel in the dentist chair can affect how faithfully you visit the dentist for your check-ups, cleanings and treatment. Some will not step into a dental office until they are faced with a dental emergency and are forced to make an appointment. If you suffer from dental fears, we want to change the way you look at your dentist! Sedation dentistry gives you the chance to sit through your visit without feeling anxious or uptight. You can get the care you need without dreading every visit. Sedation dentistry helps you feel comfortable and at ease and can be used at a regular check-up as well as a lengthy appointment. Change the way you look at the dentist with sedation dentistry!

We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation and IV sedation. Each form of sedation we offer will help you feel relaxed every time you visit! A consultation with your dentist can help you learn more about sedation and which type of sedation would be right for you!

Don't let dental anxiety stop you from going to the dentist!

Dental sedation is the process by which we relax you prior to your dental appointment using oral medication or nitrous oxide (laughing gas), or a combination of the two.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is also known as laughing gas, and it's one of the best methods of relaxing someone during a dental appointment because it starts to work quickly, and it wears off quickly. Thus, if you are treated with Nitrous Oxide during your appointment, you will be able to return to work and you will be able to drive.

Oral Sedation

When we use oral sedation, either we or your physician will prescribe a short-acting relaxing medication that you can take a few hours prior to your dental appointment. For some patients, we have them take the medication the night before the appointment as well, so they can sleep comfortably.

Important: if you are taking oral sedation prior to your dental appointment, you should not drive. If we decide to use oral sedation, we will provide you with instructions.

Will I be breathing on my own the entire time?

Absolutely. With oral sedation and/or Nitrous Oxide you will always be breathing on your own. You will be awake during the entire procedure, and you will be aware of your surroundings. Remember, these treatment methodologies only serve to relax you during treatment and lessen your anxiety.

IV Sedation

For those in need we bring in a highly trained anesthesiologist who will safely put you into a deeper sleep. You will still be breathing on your own and this can be a great option for people who need it for those really long appointments. 

Regardless of how much fear you have of the dentist, rest assured that we can help you, and you can have dental care without the anxiety.

If you are looking for sedation dentistry in Valencia, CA, call our office today! Sedation has made the difference for many patients and could help you as well!




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