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Missing teeth can be frustrating! With gaps in our teeth, smiling can become less enjoyable and simple things such as eating can become quite the chore. Filling in your missing teeth with custom-made crowns that blend in well with your smile could be the answer! If you are in search of dental implants in Valencia, CA, call us today to schedule a Free Consultation. Find out if dental implants are right for you!

With payment options and an in-house dental plan available, implants can be financially possible for you! At your consultation, Dr. Rosen can examine your teeth to let you know the exact cost and help you evaluate your payment options.

With sedation dentistry, implants can become part of your smile with little to no pain. We offer sedation to help you relax and feel completely comfortable throughout every appointment!

The implant process can take a few months from start to finish. Patients who have received implants can testify that the time investment is well worth it! Implants are made to last a lifetime with proper care. A few months of treatment can result in a long-lasting smile!

A consultation with Dr. Rosen will help you understand more about implants and determine if they are right for you! Our team can examine your teeth and go over treatment options.


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What Others Are Saying

“Dr. Kim Rosen has been my family's dentist for close to 20 years now. She is a complete professional and takes great care of my mouth. She has a great touch and has never hurt me. My mouth is in good shape, but I have one tooth that has been a problem since I injured it as a kid. Dr. Rosen has taken good care of this "special" tooth and kept it alive for more years than any of us expected. Then once it finally had to go, she shepherded me through the process of removing the tooth and replacing it with an implant. This is a pretty major endeavor and I wouldn't trust this to anyone else. After being a patient for so many years, Dr. Rosen's staff seem like family to me. They take great care of me and my family. I can't imagine going to anyone else.”
– Dave E., Yelp
“Dr. Rosen has been my dentist for several years. She is awesome. Not only does she do a great job but she always listens closely to any dental concerns or issues you may be having and addresses them thoroughly. The hygienists are fabulous as is the office staff. Everyone is always kind and courteous. I never have to wait. Best dentist in Santa Clarita. Guarantee you will feel like family and your teeth will thank you!!!!”
– Tonya B., Yelp