$99 Cleaning, Exam & X‑Ray*

*Only valid for new patients without insurance.


Keeping up on your dental health can save you money down the road! If a dental check-up is overdue for you, we can help! For just $99, our new patients are welcomed for a thorough cleaning, detailed exam and digital x-rays! Making your dental care affordable is important to us and we want you to get the care you deserve! Your hygienist will help by carefully cleaning your teeth and removing plaque build-up. Dr. Rosen will examine your teeth for any signs of infection or decay. The x-rays will also help detect any signs of early decay. Caring for your smile before you’re faced with a dental emergency is important!

If you are looking for dental care in Valencia, CA, we can help! Call us today to take advantage of this new patient special and get your dental care back on track!


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What Others Are Saying

“Dr. Rosen has been my family’s dentist for about 15 years. She and her staff are wonderful! I am very busy and hate to wait. I am almost always taken in on time. Everyone is very friendly and professional. They are all so well informed. They talk about courses they've attended and new things they've learned. I had a crown done last month and they used this wand to scan the tooth to make my crown. No impression! The crown fit perfectly and Dr. Rosen explained that the scan improves the fit and quality. My family and I have used all her hygienists and love them all. I highly recommend Dr. Rosen.”
– Diana B., Yelp
“Dr. Kim Rosen has been my family's dentist for close to 20 years now. She is a complete professional and takes great care of my mouth. She has a great touch and has never hurt me. My mouth is in good shape, but I have one tooth that has been a problem since I injured it as a kid. Dr. Rosen has taken good care of this "special" tooth and kept it alive for more years than any of us expected. Then once it finally had to go, she shepherded me through the process of removing the tooth and replacing it with an implant. This is a pretty major endeavor and I wouldn't trust this to anyone else. After being a patient for so many years, Dr. Rosen's staff seem like family to me. They take great care of me and my family. I can't imagine going to anyone else.”
– Dave E., Yelp